A fence can be a considerable investment in the value of your home, and often homeowners will call us asking if it is possible to repair their fence instead of replacing it hoping they can extend the life of their current fence. The good news is: Yes, it is possible to repair a fence! As long as less than 30% of your fence needs to be repaired, it’s often more cost-effective to repair rather than replace. If you are selling your home, then there are other options you can consider with offsetting your fence replacement costs.

Here at Brown’s Fence & Repair, we’ve been repairing Park Cities, North Dallas, and Southern Collin County fences for 34 years. In fact, this is how we started our company. When we say, No fence repair too small , we really mean it!

Not All Repairs are Equal

The Park Cities, North Dallas and Southern Collin County areas tend to be highly transient, which just means that many families move in and move out within a few years. Often, when we come out to look at a fence, the homeowner has no idea who installed the fence, what type of wood it is, how old the fence is or any other information.

This is where we use our expert knowledge in fence repair to do a little detective work to determine the best way to repair the fence. Our goal is to return the fence to its original state. Now, that original state may be crooked because the original fence installation company installed it to meet the slope of the backyard. Returning the fence to its original state might mean we must match the way the original fence company installed the pickets. There literally are so many variations in fence repair, it would take a book to describe them all. One thing is for sure – we’ve dealt with and seen nearly everything there is in fence repair! Rest assured that if it can be repaired, we can do it!

If a repair is made that does not take into the original build out of the fence, then the repair will stick out like a sore thumb. This is not our goal. We want to repair the fence so you can extend your fence’s useful longevity, and ensure it is as good-looking aesthetically as it is secure.

Not Sure What to Do – Replace My Fence? Or Repair My Fence?

If you aren’t sure what to do with your fence – replace or repair , then give us a call and we will be happy to walk your fence with you, and outline the options that we see that are available to you. Often, we can see a creative fence solution to help you get what you want while staying within a budget you are considering.